Have you ever wondered why professional photographers can take the same picture as the rest of us, but end up with such a better quality photo?  While some of the difference in results may be the camera, or their artistic eye the majority of the difference comes from the photo editing.  Professional photographers spend hundreds of dollars on complicated editing software, and years training how to use it.

Now you can have the same type of professional results with one click of a mouse, this program is literally that easy to use.  You simply open the software application, find your pictures on your hard drive or memory card and then let OneCLICK do all the work.

OneCLICK not only provides you with multiple options to choose from, the smart technology will actually learn and retain your preferences as you work with it.

Help Us Improve The Product

We are offering free downloads of the Beta version of OneCLICK in hopes that you, the consumer, can help us improve the product. 

Your comments will be a valuable tool in the creation of the full version of OneCLICK so please let us know your opinions.

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